The moment you walk through the archway at West Broadway you are transported to a tropical island – Gilligan’s island to be specific. You’ll expect to see the Professor and Mary Ann eating charcoal-grilled pizzas and sipping watermelon margaritas at the bar.

Beautiful palms, beautiful pots

For 5 months out of the year, you can step into a tropical paradise at Gilligan’s–an outdoor bar/restaurant in the Soho Grand Hotel.

Gilligan’s at the SoHo Grand
Three watermelon margaritas please!

This pop-up restaurant has a hip, relaxing, cool, tropical feel—due mainly to the copious plants we deliver and install in one day. Everything is planted—even the tables!

The plants are large and small, high and low, upright and drooping. This creates the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest. Since the plantings are temporary, there is no irrigation system.

Relax matey!
Pergola at Gilligan’s Island

All of these plants need to be hand-watered through the duration of the season. And when it’s over??? We need to find homes for these tropicals that have sometimes grown from six feet to sixteen feet in the course of the summer. Anyone need a 16-foot banana tree? Stop by in the fall and find out when we’re dismantling.