One of our favorite things about the Soho Grand Hotel is the way it honors the neighborhood. As such, we incorporate the colors of the surrounding buildings into our container and plant choices—blues, tans and steel. The garden doesn’t block the view, it draws you into the view.

Vintage meets contemporary

We plant terraced suites, penthouses, and rooms for the hotel guests. We maintain the Soho Grand’s modern, yet vintage, feel by using low maintenance but high style plantings and an eclectic mix of ceramic containers that mimic the spectacular downtown New York City views.

a shaded view

A challenge in planting for hotel rooms is that the rooms are often occupied when we need to do our maintenance. As such we specifically choose hardy, low maintenance plants like nepeta, heuchera, hakenechloa, liriope, and miscanthus grass, that can handle the winds, rain, and sun that New York City weather delivers on a regular basis.

We also planted hardy trees like the Manhattan euonymus and Hollywood junipers. Another challenge is also our best PR. These rooms are photographed all of the time and show up daily on Instagram. We have chosen a varied but tight color palette that appeals to many visitors’ different styles.

Summer annuals in full bloom

The wraparound views from the higher floors are unparalleled from this chic downtown hotel. Our plantings simply enhance the beauty that is already there.

Quince branch arrangement

We service the interior and exterior spaces at The SoHo Grand who we have been working with for the past 2 decades.

The Lofts at SoHo Grand
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