Grace Church is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the historic neighborhood of the West Village. Imagine our delight when we got a rooftop gig with a view of its faux Medieval tower.

This patio is a showstopper with lush, untamed plant design and stunning views of the picturesque West Villiage…the perfect spot for a cool glass of rose on a summer evening.

Garden terrace design
Woven African furniture

This was one of our first rooftop designs and the client is still with us today. We began as Potted Gardens and this garden exemplifies our original stye from over two decades ago–container gardening with varying levels and heights is our signature look. Many found containers and some made from steel were purposefully rusted to provide industrial accents.

Pathway through the terrace

We also made the furniture out of wood to warm up the space and the tiled tables were designed by Rebecca Cole. Our goal was simple. Frame the beauty of Grace Church. This was the easy part. The more difficult practical aspect of the job was that these clients loved to entertain, and the space, as it often is in Manhattan, was small. By filling the space with flowers, containers, furniture and pathways, the space looked bigger than when we began. We are delighted to imagine how many beautiful dinner parties have been thrown here since the late 90’s.

Custom furniture with tile table
Spring annuals