We first designed this hotel garden project in 2017 in collaboration with the owners who themselves hail from the one-of-a-kind Rockaway Beach. Our design features aim to honor the unique spirit of Rockaway Beach and provide a space for locals and visitors to convene.

With The Rockaway Hotel we had the opportunity to execute elements of Rebecca Cole GROWs design on a scale unlike any project before.

Pool side foliage at The Rockaway Hotel

Here, visitors will find our staple Ivy Wall located at the pool level. The Ivy Wall features steel planters which themselves act as barriers, requiring engineering specifications to meet code. Sitting just above the planer and supported by beams bolted into the planter, are double-sided metal square trellises.

We utilized a combination of deciduous and evergreen ivy to create our structure that looks beautiful from both inside and out. The walls provide privacy for the guests of the hotel and beauty to the passersby’s outside, inviting them inside for a poolside cocktail.

On the third floor, a green roof off the guests’ balconies mirrors beachy dunes and compliments the stunning ocean views. Typically, green roofs utilize a low-profile succulent sedum plant scheme. Given this project’s beach location, we created an entirely novel grassy green roof. We were tasked with sourcing and hand-selecting native beach, bluff, and coastal plants that could withstand the rugged climate in just six inches of soil!

This horticulture feat bridges the short one-block distance from the hotel to the oceanfront and is repeated on the 6th floor where guests and visitors can enjoy a 360o degree views of the ocean, the bay, and Manhattan over grassy dune-line planters.

Our overarching design aim with The Rockaway Hotel was to bring the beach to the hotel. The seacoast perennial gardens we created match the climate of the location and the ambiance created by the hotel design team. The plants, furniture, artwork, and services offered come together to present an elevated guest experience while remaining uniquely grounded in The Rockaways.