This work-in-progress has become more than a garden revival endeavor and grown into a collaboration of local businesses and artists.

The tunnel at NoMo SoHo
Interior plant decor with art from the SoHo Renaissance Factory

Here at Nomo Soho we began by revitalizing the beautiful cast iron tunnel – updating the plants to present New York’s best perennials and create a lush, magical, Instagram hotspot. Our garden design work then expanded to the patio and street into the interior lobby and restaurant.

baby, it’s (not so) cold outside….

Come visit our new MARKET inside NoMo Hotel

The guiding design principles for our work were to create a trendy, modern, sexy atmosphere while remaining true to the avant-garde nature that Nomo Soho was founded on. The fun challenge with this space is to take a pre-existing garden design that got stuck in the past and bring it into the present.

We relied heavily on the beautiful infrastructure of the space to inform our updated design. It has been an incredible journey to bring the space back to life through plant design. However, our work here extends beyond plants to the community. Nomo Soho has opened its doors to locals, residents, artists, and businesses alike, to bring life back to our neighborhood in the midst of our national pandemic.

At Nomo Soho we are working in collaboration with management and the Soho Renaissance Factory – a coalition of artists who joined together in the wake of the George Floyd protests – to revitalize the spirit of Soho and reimagine the future with a nod to the past. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from this space and a marketplace coming soon!