This building from Morris Adjmi Architects completed in 2020, was designed with the nearby Highline in mind. The rooftop at this 20th St. office location mirrors Piet Oudolf’s innovative style. Building occupants will be able to enjoy an elevated, modern, refreshing greenspace just an elevator ride away!

Architectural elements of this project, such as the steel planters and water tower walls have the added benefit of reflecting the surrounding steel, concrete cityscape.

Before the renovation

We incorporated wood features to contrast that industrial vibe, so the space feels modern yet inviting. The steel and wood combination create continuity with the Highline which can be seen below from the East side of the rooftop. The standout feature is our custom cantilevered comb ipe benches floating off of sunken steel planters, home to a maple tree grove. Construction of these unique benches took engineering ingenuity.

One challenge with this rooftop project, and a challenge with all urban rooftops in New York City, is the climate variance at 10-stories high. The location being near the water, and without protection from other buildings, is subject to high winds. We had to select plants that were similar in appearance to those of the Highline, and that could withstand the wind, unabated sun, and grow wild and free.

Each feature of the garden is customized to the space. We worked closely with the planter manufacturers, and roofers to design our sunken planters which make the maples appear to seemingly grow out of the ground. We hand cut each piece of ipe for our cantilevered and stadium seating benches. And we sourced the best-looking plants from our favorite nurseries surrounding our special island we call home. Now our client has their very own Highline to accommodate the building occupants in this new working world.