The historic neighborhood informed the design choices of this magnificent residential garden that extends the living space to twice the size of the interior apartment.

The buildings in Hell’s Kitchen are capped at six stories. This garden, on the sixth floor, looks out over Hell’s Kitchen, but the adjacent neighborhoods tower above making you feel like you are nestled in an urban landscape.

Fall foliage
Custom cement furniture by Rebecca Cole

The skyline, then, becomes a major part of the design. Grasses and trees, provide a natural interpretation of the surrounding urban skyscape. The furniture, planters, and pergola were designed to divide this large area into distinct lounging spaces.

This is one of our first clients who embraced the idea of cement furniture— echoing the industrial look of the neighborhood. The Pergola provides much-needed shade on this sunny rooftop.

The combination of cement, steel, wood, a stone fireplace, tall grasses, and willowy trees turns this industrial design into a cozy and comfortable year-long living space.