This beautiful and vast rooftop garden with a stunning view of the Williamsburg Bridge and downtown Manhattan was the first green roof we ever designed. The apartment building was an old factory from the manufacturing era.

Inlaid green roof water feature

The rooftop garden was intended to extend the size of the apartment and provide a living space outside.

The combination of extreme wind and a very large space presented a challenge to provide the client’s desire for intimacy and coziness. We chose modern furniture impervious to wind and custom-made weighty planters with birch trees to provide the separations of space.

Improved air quality

This rooftop even has a kitchen in the sky. Imagine flipping burgers on the 4th of July with fireworks blazing and blaring in the sky over the East River. Most of the furniture on this rooftop was designed and built by our team, including the fountain.

We used wood, river stones, tile and zinc containers to reinforce the natural world in the midst of an urban skyscape.

Within a year the resident next door hired us too, and now both green spaces can be seen when driving to Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge.