The Soho Grand Dog Park is one of the most unique spaces we’ve ever designed. The hotel has its own distinct design principle celebrating the two golden ages of Soho—the Gilded Age of the 1870’s and the factory and the arts revival of the 1970’s.

The clash of classics and modernism
SoHo dog park pergola lane

The space was originally a parking lot; an advertising billboard towers above; buildings on both sides have bold colors and age-old graffiti. Instead of erasing these features, we built our design around them–a fence-like grid with plants allows you to see through to the graffiti and the bright green wall of the neighboring building.

Urns and balustrades

The dog park, with its industrial design, urns, and balustrades, incorporates a sophisticated historical nod.

A pop of floral color for the dogs
Customers leaving rave review

The Mondrian Wall (our name inspired by the artist) uses geometric squares to turn the brick building into an art piece. Who is our audience? Hotel guests, neighborhood dog owners, and most importantly the canines themselves. Everything about this design was informed by Fido, Rover and, in particular Rambo—our discerning and outspoken VP.

Mondrian green wall
Maple and Mondrian

Included are things to climb on like natural boulders and cement benches; the circle in the middle—that looks like a puppy arc de triomphe (a bark de triomphe?)–allows the dogs to chase each other in circles for hours; several water elements allow them to cool off on hot days, and the furniture is cement and stone—all things dogs can easily climb on and not destroy.

High containers keep the dogs from peeing on the plants, but they can pee on the containers, the furniture, the stones and the faux grass. To design a dog park that doesn’t smell, the faux grass is raised—with 18 inches of crushed stone. Irrigation and drainage keep the water running through the grass keeping it clean and dry.