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We love the CITY and we love NATURE…successfully merging the two is the ultimate challenge for any urban landscape. Our goal is to create an URBAN PARADISE.

We are urban horticulturalists, landscape dreamers AND city dwellers… All qualities needed for making the best garden design company in the New York City.

With two decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, we deliver great design combined with meticulous and timely installations.

Sky’s the Limit when it comes to the creativity of our urban landscape designs. And fast….we are instant gratification specialists!


The challenge of any urban garden is in keeping it URBAN.  It shouldn’t look like a garden in the Hamptons.

Why can’t a green roof be livable?  Why should we give up precious living space for plants…let’s SHARE!

We are proud to have designed one of the “Best Hotel Gardens in the World”  at The James Hotel in Soho.


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A View from the Bridge

Birch trees on this rooftop garden frame the Williamsburg Bridge and the Empire State Building in the Manhattan skyline on this green roof in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Green Roof Garden by Rebecca Cole, James Hotel Soho

gardens green roofs restaraunts rooftops

Outdoor loft living

I designed this terrace like a loft...dining room bedroom and living room all on one! And decorate it with loads of black flowers.

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NYC Rooftop Garden Oasis

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Wisteria on the trellis

Rooftop gardens, Central Park terrace, penthouse terrace. As does the wisteria, scabiosa, sweet potato vine, arched cedar trellis,

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Green Roof in Williamsburg

gardens green roofs rooftops

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Orange Tulips on a Rooftop

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The leaf chair!

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Rooftop Garden Oasis

I designed this Ipe sofa to comfortably fit on this narrow terrace and still provide ample comfortable seating. And my narrow tile coffee table leaves enough room to walk around.

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Succulents on the the Roof

Details of our New York Gardens makes this San Francisco Flower and Garden Show feel more like home. Eldorado Stone on the walls with a fire stair helps when watering the green roof is needed.

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Best Green Wall Ever!

garden shows green roofs rooftops

Green Art Wins Best in Show

green roofs

Chelsea Rooftop Garden

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Small Terrace In Midtown


Hydrangea in Chelsea

gardens rooftops

Repetitive Elegance


Monstera Leaves, French Tulips and Saaba Beans

Macy's Flower Show arrangement of the day!

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Before and After in Williamsburg

When you live with this spectacular view of the Manhattan...why sleep or eat inside. I designed this rooftop with a bed, jacuzzi, dining table and grill! What more do you need?


Perennial Border in the Sky

Perennial borders can be created on a rooftop garden starting with maple and clump birch trees then adding the nepeta,sweet potato vines and more.


A Sliver of a Balcony

Even this narrow balcony can become a wonderful garden, fully furnished in the middle of Midtown Manhattan.


On The House LIVE interview

On The House, LIVE, interview for the radio with Sam Lemheney of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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Best Green Wall Ever

I think this green wall is the best I've ever seen. We created this for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and won Best in Show!

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Dining on the Roof

This dining room enjoys a view of Manhattan, Red Maples, miscanthus grass, nepeta pink petunias and and occasional ninety mile an hour wind!

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Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home covers a lush garden in Soho.

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An organic urban one day make over!

I designed this log furniture to give the an organic feel to the modern urban back yard makeover in the heart of Harlem. Cement covering of on the picnic table top does the same.

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Wisteria on a cedar pergola


Vents be gone...naturally


painted floor at Sixty Soho Rooftop bar

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Green Grid, Birch Grove Rooftop

Birch trees underplanted with artimesia planted in grey zinc and resin planters bring out the silver of the East River below and the Manhattan skyscrapers beyond in this Williamsburg rooftop garden

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we design custom furnishings for a small terrace

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Tired but Happy to win the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

It was a real honor to win Best in Show at the both San Francisco and Seattle's Garden Shows. And this green wall is one of the reasons why,

garden shows rebecca

My Own Backyard

Once an alley for the garbage cans, now an urban oasis complete with 19th century swings from a renovated Park in Paris.

backyards gardens

Shade on a terrace

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Stairway to Urban Heaven at the James Hotel

Red-twig dogwood, Red Maple and sweet potato vine lines the edged of David Burke's restaurant at the James Hotel in Soho.

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Planted Furniture

I like to design the furniture as much as the plant scheme.

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Loft Living on a Chelsea Roof

furniture gardens

RebeccaCole-SFGardenShow-Best in Show

garden shows green roofs

Roof and a Rooftop

This garden in the heart of Greenwich Village feels like it is in heart of the country with the row rudbeckia and the lush clump birch trees.


Bamboo Custom Furniture for a Small Terrace


Dog Park at the Soho Grand Hotel

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Just before sunset over the Hudson


Planted Cement Sofa

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Marble Fountain

The wall mounted marble fountain on this Central Park penthouse terrace is dripping with wisteria, scabiosa, sweet potato vine.

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Outdoor Living in the Hampton's

For this summer party in the Hampton's we set up outdoor livingrooms complete with hanging chandeliers that complemented the hydrangeas!

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Loft Living Outside

Every inch of this garden was designed with function as well as beauty in mind. The banquette hides the irrigation, the bed stores the cushions in winter.

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Green on Green Garden

Miscanthus grass, Bamboo, clump birch and ajuga makes a striking green garden in the sky.


Green Wall by Rebecca Cole

This intricately planted green wall shows contrasting colors and geometric shapes can make a spectacularly modern landscape.

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Best Green Roof Ever

garden shows

Doggy Heaven


green wall at Sixty Soho

botanicals green roofs hotel interiors restaraunts

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Winter interest in containers

Keeping containers garden looking good in the winter takes a little addition of cut pine branches, cyclamen, Tallo berries, and hardy heuchura

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Growing Furniture

I love designing furniture and fabrics for outdoor living room. The carpet and the end table are planted with succulents and the glass coffee table allows the sun to nourish the green grids.

garden shows green roofs

Rusty containers

garden shows

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Terrace in the Mist

The rain only enhances Fifth Avenue Penthouse does the wisteria, scabiosa, sweet potato vine. But the arched cedar trellis romantices the urban garden most of all.

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Grasses in Meatpacking District

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Snowmound Spirea on a Chelsea Roof in the Summer

A lush overgrown rooftop garden with a view still intact.


painted floor at the roof bar at Sixty Soho

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In the garden with the President of Singapore

Invited as judge for the Singapore Garden Show to dinner by the President of Singapore.

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Crape Myrtles on a roof


Custom Built for Green Wall

garden shows gardens green roofs

Comfy Cement Sofa on a Hell's Kitchen Roof

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Judging at the Singapore International Flower and Garden Show

It was such an honor to be invited to Singapore to judge the the International Flower and Garden Show where I got to meet some of the best garden designers in the world. Jim Fogarty, from Australia won a gold Medal.

garden shows rebecca

Garden by Rebecca Cole at The James Hotel in New York

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Zinc Teak Table

This custom made zinc and teak table is ideal for rooftop garden surrounded by metal and glass skyscrapers.

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Tribeca Penthouse Garden

gardens hotel rooftops

Maple on a Soho Roof

hotel rooftops

A View from the Top