We love creating modern botanical arrangements weekly for some of the best restaurants and hotels in New York City

Specializing in unique containers, surprising florals and natural botanicals…if not plucked from the garden…then at least inspired by!

Garden inspired, urban influence…our naked botanicals not only expose the roots of the plant…but the simple beauty of nature.


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Summer parties are all about color!

events floral weddings

Orange Restaurant Table

floral restaraunts weddings

Wood and Cement custom table

backyards furniture garden shows interiors restaraunts


events floral

Magnolia at the Soho Grand

floral hotel

Lavender Bud Vase

hotel restaraunts weddings

Nubby Things

I love using loads of nubby, gritty, fuzzy things mixed in with great flowers. It takes the edge off the sweetness.

bouquets weddings

Sixty Soho Rooftop Bar

gardens hotel restaraunts rooftops

Guests arrive at to the tents At Linclon Center

events floral weddings

Orange Poppies and Peppers

arrangements floral

Callas and Lilacs

floral weddings

Winter White Dinner Party

events floral weddings


events floral

Simple Garden Wedding ... Inside

bouquets events floral weddings

Picky Ringbearer

Subtle colors on the bridesmaids really sets of off the blue hydrangeas of bouquets.

bouquets weddings

Alice Waters Party

arrangements botanicals floral

Dogwood on the Ledge


Gardening around a skylight

gardens restaraunts rooftops

Frittilaria...my favorite flower!

Checkerboard frittilaria,


Peony and Eucalyptus Bouquet

Peony and Eucalyptus makes the perfect hand-tied bouquet.

bouquets floral weddings

Amaranthus and Alliums

Amaranthus and Alliums make a spectacular entry way bouquet.

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Cymbidium and Monstera Leaves

Cymbidium and Monstera Leaves in a brass cone vase

floral hotel

Pink anemone


Carrot Arrangement

Sometimes you don't need flowers!

floral restaraunts

Willow Branch


Blue Bouquets

bouquets weddings

Flowers In Large Urn

arrangements floral weddings