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Orange striped tiles.

I love this surprising pattern for a tile floor. I designed this stripe to go with the Orange tulip line for Imagine tile


Tile table and Arper Lounge

furniture green roofs rooftops

green wall at Sixty Soho

botanicals green roofs hotel interiors restaraunts

Sitting pretty on a meatpacking roof

events floral furniture gardens hotel restaraunts rooftops

My own shady outdoor living room

backyards furniture

Office Window


Pencil cactus

floral hotel interiors

Green roof, green furniture, green walls!!!

No reason to limit the green to the roof surface only when doing a green roof...why not the table, the walls, the art along with the floor!

furniture garden shows


furniture home interiors

Dining el Fresco in Williamsburg

furniture rooftops

A well-lit table

We made the plexiglass end table with feathers in the top and lights inside.

furniture interiors

A Bed on the Roof

When you sleep on a rooftop in Brooklyn you feel even closer to the stars.

furniture rooftops

Curved Sofa Designed

I call this line 'Chanel' because of the large buttons, dark piping and tweedy fabrics. Designed for an sophisticated outdoor living room.

furniture interiors

Table with Built in Planter

Why not design a table the REQUIRES a plant or centerpiece AlWAYS!

furniture interiors

Beautiful large Succulent

floral interiors

Fall atop Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

Fall in Hell's Kitchen

furniture gardens rooftops

Custom Zinc and Teak Table

When I design a garden I like to designe every aspect..the lights, the furniture, the cushions, the well a s the plants. This garden has zinc and wood containers square and rectangular containers so I designed an oval zinc and teak table to compliment them. The cushions were made simple color blocks of plain outdoor fabric.


Lavender Topiary

arrangements hotel interiors

Custom chair

furniture interiors

NYC Rooftop Glows

furniture gardens rooftops

painted floor at Sixty Soho Rooftop bar

furniture gardens restaraunts rooftops

Zinc Teak Table

This custom made zinc and teak table is ideal for rooftop garden surrounded by metal and glass skyscrapers.

furniture gardens

Modern Club Event

Event Design is as much about the look and the furniture as it is about the flowers. This birthday party at the Top of the Rock had a modern urban look that matched its magnificent architecture.

events floral interiors



French Anemone TIle

I designed these tiles to add some real punch to any room


Vintage modern garden furniture

This modern Arper lounge chair and old factory cart tiled with my Mildweed ceramic tiles is right at home next to this green grid floor.

furniture green roofs

Orange Tulip for Imagine Tile

This beautiful orange tulip is a tile I created for Imagine Tile. It comes with stripes and other graphics that match.


Forsythia beckons Spring

There is nothing more promising than a tall vase filled with forsythia branches in late March.



furniture interiors