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Brooklyn Winery Wedding

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Onions dancing

Not every arrangement needs a flower. These onions really make a statement.

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Amaranthus and Alliums

Amaranthus and Alliums make a spectacular entry way bouquet.

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Lavender Topiary

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Classic Fourth fo July Celebration


Tied to the tete-ta-tete

Good Housekeeping asked me to create floral arrangements out of the scraps from flower conditioning. With the tete-ta-tete, I tied bunches together with the leaves we pulled off the stems to condition the flowers.

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Vintage Wedding

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Black Bouquet


Naked Hellebores

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Architectural Arrangements for Pat Fields Event

Coxcomb,carnations, calla lilies, onions and scabiosa are the perfect quirky flowers for a Patricia Fields Event!

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Orange Rununculus

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Peonies and Privet

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A Shoot fo Good Housekeeping

Hyacinths...leaves and all, makes a chic arrangement in a simple glass vase.

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Flowers In Large Urn

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Carrot Arrangement

I think carrots are as beautiful as flowers...

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Naked Primrose

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White Peony Bouquet

White peonies bridal bouquet with a French tie.

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Flower Power--Union Square Green Market

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Sunflower in Yellow Urn


Orange and Viburnums

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Orange Poppies and Peppers

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Onion Arrangement

The color of the red onions and snapdragons makes a surprising fresh arrangement.

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Party Mantle